A quick, easy and delicious apple and blueberry crumble recipe that takes only 10 minutes to prepare and is a sure winner with the whole family! This recipe has been made on the COBB Pro Black but can also be made on other COBB Cookers such as the Compact Pro, Premier and Premiere+ and Supreme and Supreme+ models. You can serve it as a warm desert or serve it with ice cream or cream for a delectable treat.

This recipe is made with pantry staples, except for the blueberries, so it means you can serve this apple & blueberry crumble anytime, anywhere. We’ve used classic apple for this pie, but other firm fruits will work too.


Try pears instead of apples, and raspberries or cherries instead of blueberries

Accessories: Fenced Roast Rack


  1. Light ½ Cobblestone and allow to burn for 5 minutes. Top your COBB with the grill grid and roast rack, cover with the dome and preheat for 20 minutes.
  2. Mix the filling ingredients together, and spoon into an ovenproof dish that fits into the COBB (a deep enamel plate will work well).
  3. Crush the biscuits using a jar or crumble with your fingers. Mix with the rest of the topping ingredients and scatter over the pie filling.
  4. Place the dish on the roast rack, cover with the Dome Lid and bake for 25–30 minutes or until bubbling and fragrant.
  5. Remove and cool slightly before serving.


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