Cobblestone - Cobb Global International


The Cobblestone hails from India and is made from the coconut by-product, this being the husk of the coconut. With the rapid ignition technology applied to our Cobblestone, the coal takes seconds to light, without the aid of a firelighter.

Once lit, it takes approx. 3 minutes to stop smoking and is ready for you to start cooking in 5 minutes. With the Dome Cover in place, your Cobb will reach up to 280°C in 30 minutes.

Cobblestone ensures:

  • Quick fire up with the Cobblestone.
  • Safe and economical
  • Built in firelighter
  • One Cobblestone gives up to 2 hours cooking time if used in the Cobb
  • Burns hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal
  • Within 5 minutes of ignition product is smoke free and ready to cook

Technical Specifications
• 130 mm in diameter
• 35 mm in thickness
• Weighs approx 385 grams/13.60oz
• Made out of coconut husks
• Built-in firelighter consisting of Strontium Nitrate and sodium nitrate
• The Cobblestone is the only REACH approved rapid ignition charcoal in EU*