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Anything! The Cobb Cooker works like a convection oven and stove top. As a result your Cobb can cook anything you can cook in a kitchen.
The Cobb Cooker is able to, grill, roast, steam, bake, and fry.
Even desserts can be made on a Cobb Cooker.
Some favourites are pizzas, steaks, whole chickens, bread and roast vegetables.

The Cobb cooker uses about 6-10 charcoal briquettes or around 300g of charcoal depending on what you want to cook. Use more for large pieces of meat/poultry and less for items like bread/scones/cakes etc.

The Cobblestone can take the place of the charcoal briquettes, use a complete Cobblestone for meals.
The Cobblestone can also be broken in half for when you do cook bread/scones/cakes etc.

The Cobb Cooker is simple to light and use. Do not use lighter fluids in the Cobb Cooker.
Here are 2 ways to light the fuel source for your Cobb;

  • The Cobblestone: The Cobblestone uses a rapid ignition technology. All you have to do is hold a flame to it for 20 seconds and then place it back into the fire grid once it starts self-igniting off the flame.
    (should you have any issues with the Cobblestone due to them being very old then use a thumb-nail sized piece of firelighter in the base under the Fire Basket and this will have the Cobblestone flaming in seconds)
  • Use 2 or three small pieces of firelighter, placed on the base under the Fire Grid. Ignite these and place the Fire Grid, with your briquettes/charcoal in it, over the lit firelighters.

The Cobb Cooker uses charcoal as a fuel source and as a result produces Carbon Monoxide which is poisonous and can lead to serious adverse health effects and even death. However, the Cobb Cooker is safe enough to use in a sheltered area such as a balcony or under a patio roof as long as there is good ventilation and air circulation.

The Cobb Cooker has a built in moat inside the Inner Sleeve into which liquid can be added to facilitate with steaming or cooking. The moat is designed to hold about 200ml of liquid. Any more than this will result in some excess liquid leaking out the bottom.

The Cobb is dishwasher safe so it is very simple to clean. Be careful of using abrasive pads on certain parts as it could cause damage. For more details refer to the Cobb User Manual included in the Cobb Cooker box or download it from the Cobb Global site.
We do carry a Cobb Cleaner, which is highly effective at cleaning the Cobb. Ask your local Cobb dealer for stocks.

The Cobb Cooker is designed to be very economic and with as little as 300g of charcoal it can be used for up to 2 hours depending on cooking method, amount of food and cooking habits.

There are recipes available on the www.cobbglobal.com site. You can also find tutorials from both Cobb International as well as avid fans on YouTube. Recipes are shared on our Facebook page on a regular basis.