About COBB

Born in the southern tip of Africa over 20 years ago, the multi-award-winning COBB was created as a safer, more economical way for rural South Africans to cook. The aim was to minimise fire risks.

The first fuel for the COBB was a dried-out corncob, which is how the versatile cooker coined its name. From these humble roots, it has become a global superstar. Time and trends have evolved a multitude of outdoor cooking methods, and at the head of that innovation curve is the COBB Cooker. A highlight in its short life was being named one of the best inventions of the year by Time magazine in 2001.

The COBB and its range of brilliant accessories can cook anything, anywhere – be it a simple burger or a more substantial dish. Its unique design allows fat and grease to drain away from the food that is cooking and into the moat for healthier cooking. As the fat does not land on the coals, the COBB cooking system is virtually smokeless and can be used in small, well ventilated areas, such as balconies or boats, without causing a smoky environment.

Added to this, the COBB can be easily dismantled and placed into a dishwasher for cleaning convenience. This highly portable grill weighs only 4kg (8.8 lbs), has a height of 30cm (12 inches) and a diameter of 30cm (12 inches).

While searing hot on the inside, the base remains cool to touch on the outside, and can be picked up and moved around while cooking. The COBB is very fuel efficient and an environmentally greener option as it uses only 8–10 briquettes, one CobbleStone or 300g charcoal for up to two hours of cooking.

It will start you on a lifelong journey – a journey of delicious meals, of tasty experiences and culinary adventures.

Adventure served - the COBB® way.

The elements of the COBB


The COBB comes with an instruction manual. All parts are replaceable and can be sold separately. Every component of the COBB is dishwasher safe except for the base.

If you have misplaced your instruction manual, please click below to download instruction manuals.


What can I cook on my COBB Cooker?
Any food you can imagine! The COBB Cooker works like a convection oven and stovetop. As a result, your COBB can cook anything you can cook in a kitchen. Some favourites are pizzas, steaks, whole chickens, bread and roast vegetables. You can even make desserts.
How much charcoal should I use?
The COBB Cooker uses about 6–10 charcoal briquettes, one CobbleStone or around 300g of charcoal, depending on what you want to cook. You can use more for large pieces of meat and less for baked goods. Usually, one CobbleStone would be needed for a meal, or break it in half for baking.
How do I light my COBB Cooker?
The COBB Cooker is simple to light and use.Here are two ways to light your COBB:

  • If you’re using a CobbleStone: The CobbleStone uses rapid ignition technology. All you have to do is hold a flame to it, in which it can take up to a minute to light, and then place it back into the fire grid once ignited.
  • If the CobbleStone is old, you can use a small piece of firelighter to get it started. If you’re using charcoal briquettes: Place two or three small pieces of firelighter under the Fire Grid. Ignite them and place briquettes and charcoal over the lit firelighters.

Do not use lighter fluid and or gel in the COBB Cooker.

Can I use my COBB Cooker indoors?
No. The COBB Cooker uses charcoal as a fuel source and produces carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. This can lead to adverse health effects and even death.The COBB Cooker is safe to use in a sheltered area, such as a balcony or under a patio roof, as long as there are good ventilation and air circulation.
Why does my COBB Cooker leak liquid out the bottom of the base?
The COBB Cooker has a built-in moat inside the inner sleeve that can hold liquid to facilitate steaming or cooking. The moat is designed to hold about 200ml of liquid; any more than this will result in excess liquid leaking out the bottom.
How do I clean my COBB?
The COBB is dishwasher safe and very simple to clean. Don’t use abrasive pads on certain parts as they could cause damage. For more details, refer to the COBB User Manual included in your COBB Cooker box, or download it from the COBB Global site.The COBB Cleaner is highly effective at cleaning the COBB. Ask your local COBB dealer for more information.
How long can I cook on the COBB Cooker?
The COBB Cooker is designed to be economical. With as little as 300g of charcoal, it can be used for up to two hours, depending on the cooking method and amount of food you’re cooking.
Where can I find recipes for the COBB Cooker?
There are recipes available on our website. You can also find tutorials from both COBB International as well as avid fans on YouTube, while recipes are often shared on our Facebook page. VISIT YouTube VISIT Facebook