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Whether you’re searing steaks or cooking sausages, a griddle pan helps to conduct heat quickly. Not to mention it creates those pretty grill lines we all love. The Griddle + is specially designed to maintain higher temperatures which in turn burns hotter ensuring your food is grilled quickly and evenly. A rounded griddle ridge profile […]

Pizza Stone

Turn your Cobb into a pizza oven by simply adding the Cobb Pizza Stone to your collection! It delivers deliciously crispy pizza every time The new and uniquely-designed COBB Pizza Stone is perfect for the avid at home pizza maker. How you ask? Well, it’s made from cordierite, which is far superior than ceramic due […]


Small and portable, the Premier+ can cook anything, anywhere, anytime. It allows you to grill, boil, fry, and roast on the same cooker. Designed to travel with you, and fit perfectly into your life, it’ll be the sous chef you’ve always wanted. Equipped with a new dome and mesh design to allow for better airflow, […]


The Cobb Utensils are beautifully made in solid stainless steel with additional silicon finishes. Buy them as a set and we’ll give you a handy utensils tube, keeping everything compact for when you’re on the road. Just like the Cobb cookers, our utensils are made to the LFGB German Food Standard They have a unique […]